Dentist charges in Greece


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Don't concern yourself how much your local dentist charges, here are some common charges in Greece that you would expect for  dental procedures.

Dentist charges in Greece



Thorough examination                                          FREE!!!
Treatment planning                                              FREE!!!
X-rays                                                                 $36 USD


Fluoride treatment                                                $30 USD
Fissure sealing                                                     $30 USD
Tooth sensitivity treatment                                    $20 USD


Oral Surgery

Tooth and root extraction                                       $44 USD
Wisdom teeth extraction                                        $250 USD
Small and large cyst removal                                  $440 USD
Tooth implants                                                     $1465


Aesthetic / Cosmetic dentistry

Tooth whitening/bleaching                                     $440 USD
Aesthetic fillings                                                   $73 USD
Ceramic veneers (smile makeover)                        $512 USD
Ceramic crowns and zirconia – ceramic crowns          $585 USD
Tooth jewelry                                                       $50 USD
Tooth implants                                                    $1465 USD



Professional scaling and tooth polishing                  $103 USD
Oral hygiene and dietary instructions                       FREE!!!

Restorative procedures

Composite fillings (aesthetic fillings)                       $73 USD
Root canal treatment (painless)                             $293 USD



Metal ceramic crowns                                            $293 USD
Metal ceramic bridges                                           $293 USD/crown
Ceramic crowns                                                     $512 USD
Ceramic bridges                                                   $512 USD/crown
ZIrconia ceramic crowns                                         $585 USD 
Zirconia ceramic bridges                                        $585 USD/crown
Full and partial dentures                                       $1024 USD



As you can see, dentist charges in Greece are significantly lower than the price estimates you would receive from your local dentist if you live in the USA, UK or Japan.