100% Satisfaction guaranteed

Our dental surgery furnishes a guarantee for all dental restorations.

You can rest assured that you will get 100% satisfaction from our dental professionals' services.

We guarrantee that:

• we use high-quality materials
• our staff’s professional knowledge and expertise, our machines and the applied technology meet the highest requirements

In the case of proper use the dental surgery furnishes 1-3 years guarantee after building in your dental restorations.

For prosthetic work (crowns, bridges, inlays etc. but temporary replacements are not included!) 3 years guarantee and for any other dental replacement (e.g.: composite fillings, removable dental replacements) 1 year guarantee is given.

For implants there is a special so-called osseointegration guarantee given.

We can’t furnish any guarantee in the following cases:

• neglected mouth hygiene
• leaving the dentist’s advice out of consideration (e.g.: wearing full dentures while sleeping)
• not proper use of dental restorations
• omission of necessary control (once a year)
• dental works which are considered as after-care treatments, e.g.: suture removal after an operation, underlining of dentures etc.